29 February 2012

Right Track

I  Was in LoveD

But Then It's Gone

I Was Loyal......

But Then I Was Betrayed

It Was Fun 

But Then They Left 

You Was Suppose To Be Different

But It End Up That You Were Just The Same

I'm Broken 


So Deep

Until It's Hard To Trust Anyone

04 March 2011

Stare At Me..?

Watch Me Move When I Lose It Hard 
Get You Off With The Touch Dancing In The Dark
You Notice What I'm Wearing
I Notice When You're Staring 
You Know That I Can Take It To The Next Level Baby
I'M Hotter Than The A-List 
Next One On My Hit List 
Baby Let Me Blow Your Mind Tonight 
See The Sunlight 
We Ain't Stopping 
Keep On Dancing Till The World End
If You Feel It Happen
Keep On Watchin On Me And Dancing Till The World End..!! 

01 March 2011


Why do you do this to me?

Why do you do this so easily?

You make it hard to smile because

You make it hard to breathe

Why do you do this to me?

A phrasing that's a single tear,

Is harder than I ever feared

And you were left feeling so alone..

23 February 2011

De-WalaiFm Family And Friends

Ini Lah Video Yang Kamu Tggu2 Selama Ini..Siow Sbb Lmbt Siap..
Anyway Harap2 Kamurang Suka Lah Nie Video..

21 February 2011

TOP 2011 Movie

Nah Sepa2 Yg Suka Tgk Movie...Ini List2..Smua Memang Best2..

1 The Green Hornet Sony $95,112,000 - done
2 No Strings Attached Par. $66,033,000 - done
3 Just Go With It Sony $60,756,000 - next
4 Gnomeo and Juliet BV $50,421,000 - not released yet in Msia
5 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never Par. $48,473,000 - not gonna
6 The Dilemma Uni. $48,222,000 - not released yet in Msia
7 The Roommate SGem $32,694,000 - not released yet in Msia
8 The Rite WB (NL) $31,377,000 - next
9 The Mechanic CBS $27,942,000 - not released yet in Msia
10 Season of the Witch Rela. $24,496,193 - done

Buat AKU Tersenyum

Datanglah Sayang Dan Biarkan Aku Berbaring

Di Pelukanmu,walaupun ‘tuk Sejenak

Usaplah Dahiku Dan Kan Kukatakan Semua

Bilaku Lelah Tetaplah Di Sini

Jangan Tinggalkan Aku Sendiri

Bilaku Marah Biarkan Ku Bersandar

Jangan Kau Pergi Untuk Menghindar

Rasakan Resahku Dan Buat Aku Tersenyum

Dengan Canda Tawamu,walaupun Tuk Sekejap

Kar’na Hanya Engkaulah Yang Sangggup Redakan Aku 

Kar’na Engkaulah Satu-satunya Untukku

Dan Pastikan Kita Selalu Bersama

Kar’na Dirimulah Yang Sanggup Mengerti Aku

Dalam Susah Maupun Senang

Dapatkah Engkau Selalu Menjagaku

Dan Mampukah Engkau Mempertahankanku 

Meaning Of Life..!!

Life sometimes bring us problem..
That we hardly can endure..
And, No matter where we look..
It seems that there are more..
Yet, never be discouraged..
For, with life's every trial and test..
You'll find the strength..
To overcome them..
If you simply try your best..

Never be discourages..
Nor give up in any way..
For, no matter how dark the clouds..
They are never here to stay..
For, wherever there are storms..
And, your world comes crashing down..

If you never lose your faith..
An answer will be found..
So, keep believing in yourself..
Throughout every single day..
And if you have any thoughts of quitting..
Then dismiss them right away..